Did you know:

  • That Westman Islands is the largest puffin colony in the world
  • That around 4300 inhabitants live on island Heimaey which is also the only island out of 15 where people live on
  • That Eldfell is the youngest (newest) volcano in the world.
  • That the golf course in Westman Islands is considered to be the best in Iceland and one of the hidden diamonds in the world of golf.
  • That the oldest puffin captured in Westman Islands was 38 years old
  • That the killer whale Keiko (Free Willy star) lived in a special made pen located in Klettsvík in Westman Islands from 1998 until 2002
  • That around 15.000 people participates in the yearly 4 day Festival (Þjóðhátíð).
  • That when the Turkish invasion was in 1627 around 100 people hid in a cave to avoid being kidnapped, the cave is called Hundraðmannahellir
  • That the highest mountain in Westman Islands, Heimaklettur is 283m high