Baby puffins in Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar

Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar are the largest puffin colony in the world. The puffins can be seen on the island between April and September. In late August and beginning of September the baby puffins appear on the scene. The parents have stopped feeding the juveniles and the hunger forces them from their nests. The lights from the town deceives the young puffins and they end up on pavements or get lost.


The local children in Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar come to rescue and help the juveniles to return into the wild. The kids are allowed to stay late on these August/September nights to go out with a box and flashlight to rescue a baby puffin. After you find a baby puffins, you take them home for the night, after a good night sleep, the kids take their puffin to our local bird shelter to mesure them and mark before releasing them.The children and parents choose a good site where the birds have easy access to the sea, and then the birds are taken out of their boxes one by one, and thrown high into the air. They can then glide towards the sea and their freedom.


If you are traveling in Iceland during that time, visiting Heimaey to see the Puffins is definitely a must do! Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar are most famous for the puffins but there are also more bird species living there. You are able to see Tóti the most famous Puffin on the Puffin and Volcano Tour in Westman Islands.