How to get to Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjar or Westman Islands is a town off the south coast of Iceland. Vestmannaeyjar is an archipelago formed by volcanic eruptions underwater. The largest island is called Heimaey and has a population of around 4,500 inhabitants. Most of the islands have steep cliffs that are rich with birdlife. In 1973 the Eldfell volcano erupted which destroyed many buildings and the inhabitants were forced to flee to the mainland. Before the eruptions the inhabitants of Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar were around 5,200. Some of the families never returned back to Westman islands –  Vestmannaeyjar. See our Westman islands – Vestmannaeyjar tours and experience the island with a local.

Since Westman Islands – Vestmannaeyjar are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean you can visit us by taking the ferry, flying from Reykjavík or flying from south of Iceland.


Option nr.1 – Take the ferry

Herjólfur sails from Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar to Landeyjahöfn which is located on the south of Iceland. You can both drive to Landeyjahöfn by a regular car (no 4×4 car is needed) or you can take the bus, if you are travelling from Reykjavik, you could go from the Bsí bus terminal to Landeyjahöfn
If you have a car you can take it with you over to Westman Islands.

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Option nr.2 – Fly from Reykjavik to Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar.

You can fly to Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar with Eagle Air, the flight takes around 20-23minutes.

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Option nr.3- Fly from South islands to Westman islands / Vestmannaeyjar

Now in 2016 they have started scheduled flights from Bakki, which is located around 5 minutes from Landeyjahöfn. The flight itself takes within 10 minutes.